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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

POROS... and a little bit of Parliament

The following pictures are from my incredible weekend getaway to Poros this past weekend. For those that know me, you know how much I love the beach, islands, flowers, palm trees, and gorgeous blue water (and cats, haha). So this was a perfect, relaxing weekend that was much needed before things kick into high gear this week at ACS! 

There are captions related to some of the pictures below, then there are some pictures from our stop at Parliament on our way home from the port. Our sweet, old taxi driver was giving us all a history lesson and told us we had to check out the guards on the way. It was TERRIFYING! They had just finished changing their posts/guards, and then were slamming their guns into the ground when we came close. Apparently this was because they had not quite finished and we had to wait. The third guard fixed the other one's uniform and then we could go up for pictures. It felt really awkward!

Thursday is the first day of school at ACS and things are FINALLY kicking into gear! Things seem to be happening pretty last minute there, but we are realizing that this is apparently how things normally go. None of the teachers were surprised that the four of us girls didn't really have specifics on what exactly we were doing yet. And a lot of the teachers JUST found out where their classrooms were and began setting up today! That blew my mind, especially only a year after my full time practicum where I showed up a week or two in advance to help my teacher prepare the room for the year! But it is all interesting, to say the least, to see how things are done and how they fall into place here.

That's all for now!


Enjoying my "Sex on the Beach"... on the beach!

Where we stayed the night.

The Dream Team out to dinner!

Paradise: Day 2.

This is a kitty we named Earmuff because a piece of the tip of his ear was missing. He was SO sweet and affectionate.

Just call me Cat Lady!

GORGEOUS sunset.

Amazingly fresh, delicious watermelon for dessert!

Clearly, I hated it. ;)

Poros at night!

Quite the outfit they have, right? Our driver kept telling me to get closer but I was too scared after being yelled at by the other guard right before!

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