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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The "I don't know where to begin or what to say" post

Hey everyone,

Sorry again about how long it has been since I properly updated. I could list almost all of the excuses in the book, but I know that is a waste of energy and time! While I still need to create posts for my Santorini and Parthenon visits with mom and Kim from when they were here almost a month ago now (oops!) and from my trip to Rome (which I WILL eventually make posts for), this post is going to be more about my thoughts as of lately. I think it will turn out being more of a post for me to have to come back to after I have returned to the States than it will be an fun, update post... so sorry about that!

Let's see, where to begin?

Well, I think I'll want to remember the time it went from this...


          .........and this......... a matter of DAYS. The constant joke/s are that:
1) Us Wheelock/New England ladies brought this cold and snow upon Athens (because they haven't seen a winter like this in years)
and 2) that it's especially my fault for taking and posting the taunting pictures about the good weather we WERE having. Haha.

But the temperatures are on the climb again, and I keep reminding myself that I am thankfully not in Boston this winter... because 7+ feet of snow and negative temperatures/wind chills do not sound very fun to me. Hang in there everyone!!

So anyways, my thoughts as of lately have very much been on thinking about my plans for the upcoming year/my life. Haha. I kid you not, I have changed my mind about staying, returning, Master's programs, schools, location, and more at least a good 30 times now. No joke.

As stressful and overwhelming as it has been, it has really made me think about where I see myself going and what will make me happy. This planning has made me realize that some options are just not possible right now, and that what I may not necessarily want to do is what I need to do for the time being in order to do what's best for me. But more importantly, it has reminded me (through major help from some amazing friends who listened to me stress out and talk myself in circles) that I should be thankful and grateful for the simple fact that I even have so many different options. 

I mean, I have been living in Athens for almost 6 months now and that astounds me. First, because I can't believe it's already almost been half a year. And second, because just over a year ago, I hadn't even heard of this opportunity and amazing experience. Living in Greece, doing what I'm doing, going where I'm going, and seeing what I'm seeing were absolutely no where in my future plans for after graduation.

So it just makes me think that there just might be another something out there for me that I'm just not seeing right now.

I can tell you one thing... I have not traveled nearly enough or seen nearly as many places as I'd like to see while I'm abroad. Being so much closer to so many amazing destinations has made me realize that there is so much more I want to see that I had never thought about before. So, even if I do need to come back to Boston or the Cape to finish my Masters, live at home, and save up some money, I'm going to always remind myself that I can get back out there and go abroad to teach again. Whether it be back at ACS or somewhere entirely different, I am not ready to say goodbye to traveling, exploring, and learning more about the world and myself.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

So much to say...

...and not enough time to put it all down in writing. 

This is me, putting it in writing and on the internet, that I promise to do a major blog update ASAP. (And by that, I mean before I go anywhere else or do anything else special that will also require an update because I already have to do two...)

Someone hold me to this please!! Haha. :)