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Monday, September 29, 2014

AGISTRI for the weekend

In typical Greek fashion, Emily and I had a little getaway weekend to one of the Greek islands this weekend! We went to Agistri, and despite the rain upon arrival, and the constant winds/clouds, it was still gorgeous.

The woman who owns/runs the hotel we stayed at, Nontas Hotel, was beyond cute and the absolute sweetest. We wanted her to be our yia-yia (Greek grandmother). She had her son pick us up from the port and drive us the 5 minute walk to our hotel the night we arrived because our ferry was late/it was dark, and because it was raining. Then she had him drive us back that way after dropping off our things to bring us to an open restaurant. Finally, today when we were paying and getting ready to depart that afternoon, she insisted on staying as late as we wanted (I requested a late checkout because of our ferry time) and she gave us homemade apricot and nectarine marmalade that she made herself. It was SO sweet.

Because the weather wasn't fully beach weather, Emily and I enjoyed walking around the area. During our travels, we met an adorable dog who was so friendly and sweet. We named her Scrappy and she followed us/walked with us for a good half hour. We simply seemed to be animal magnets this weekend, which is a pleasure/torture for me because I love them all but then want to feed them and take them all home. We had kittens at our dinner the first night. Scrappy and another dog the next day, then more dogs and cats along our travels today.

Other than eating out and walking around, Emily and I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and it was amazing. We just opened the window and doors to our room and enjoyed our view while reading good books. The following pictures pretty much speak for themselves:

Of course our first night there, 5-6 kittens found me at the restaurant and effectively distracted me for the rest of the meal.

This is Scrappy! The sweetest pup ever.

On our second night, we heard and saw this site running around in the waves on the shore... Yup, that's a lot of ducks.

Another kitty friend! Emily told me I need to make a "Cats of Greece" calendar by the end of this experience. Haha.

This beautiful site is the Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Skala, Agistri.

Yup, those are octopuses (octopi?) drying in the sun for people to cook and eat for dinner later.

DELICIOUS pineapple and mango smoothie and blueberry pancakes!

Another puppy friend saying hello/goodbye as we prepare to leave.

Bye Agistri! Stay beautiful!

Off to go get ready for tomorrow, and watch the new episodes of Bones and Once Upon A Time! (Being half way across the world won't stop me from watching my favorite shows! Haha.)

Until next time,

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  1. Beautiful Brittany!!!! I love all the kitties too!!!! <3 XoXo