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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lots of Pictures/Updates Comin' at Ya!

So I'm pretty much going to briefly update by providing captions for lots of photos I have taken recently. :)

Will never get used to seeing whole frozen octopus like this...

All of the following are pictures (until the next caption) of the open air market that happens just down the road from my apartment every Saturday morning. You can literally find EVERYTHING there. Rugs, curtains, paper products, clothes for every season, shoes, and every item of produce/food imaginable.

Dinner by Chef Emily enjoyed on our veranda. :)

The view from the Public (an electronics/books/misc store) roof restaurant.

"Will you take a picture of me in here?!"

Out for late drinks!

The before and after of Emily and I's pizza night creations!

Annie's! A little taste of home thanks to my amazing momma. :)

Enjoying drinks after an early evening of shopping!

Can't forget about our Sunday night's watching the Pat's game (which is happening in the afternoon back home!)

The above 3 pictures are from a fire that happened just two blocks down the street from us the other night! We were nosey and wanted to make sure our little supermarket was okay, so we investigated and then observed.

My little board of home right at my desk. :)

And finally... THESE ARE TWO KITTENS I SAW TODAY AND I COULD BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF BECAUSE OF THE LEVEL OF CUTENESS. They were both so tiny and SO freaking adorable, and the brown striped one followed Emily and I down the street/home and tried to come inside with us. I sooooo wanted to let it but I can't because my landlady has super bad allergies. :(

Lastly, I just want to be sure to update those following my time here that I am now officially the Coordinator of the ACS high school yearbook, and the Adviser to the middle and high school drama club! I'm starting to realize I really have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but I really love both activities and can't wait to be a part of them (and see how I like working with older kids!) I already bonded with a few high school girls and boys because of my awesome taste in music! Haha.

Well it's getting late and tomorrow is going to be a long Friday, so good night for now!


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