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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MISC. & ACS Athens Update

Just a little brief update for you all!

The weather is finally cooling off here and it is feeling so much better! But it has also started raining a lot, after none at all this whole time. On our drive home from IKEA Saturday, our surrounding neighborhood and area was completely flooded. The skies tore open and it was absolutely down pouring! Here are few pictures, attempting to show how crazy it was!

Not too much to write about in regards to my counseling experiences so far, because it has been a lot of finalizing/updating registration, class rosters, and arranging specialists for students who need them. I can't do much with all this because I do not know the students yet, and I do not know or have access to the system used for it. But I have been helping prepare folders for the teachers to learn about their students, and I've been going to a lot of meetings with the counselors and Student Affairs... so I get to sound official with my meetings! Haha. Here I am in my office, at my desk and then with my professional teacher bag that my lovely mom got me! :)

Tomorrow, the counselors (including me) and Office of Student Affairs are having a citizenship assembly with the HIGH SCHOOLERS. We all have to be a part of it. I am with two other counselors, speaking with 105 tenth graders about what citizenship means and what respect is... for an hour. So that should be interesting!

Finally, here are a few more pictures of the last couple of days! To sum up, I LOVE the produce here, I LOVE the views here, and I LOVE the sunsets here! Oh, and I love the random moments/people. Figured I should give some positives after my last homesickness post. :)

That's all for now!

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