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Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Evening/Night in Athens

Hi everyone! It is currently 11:42 pm (or 23:42), since I should start getting used to military time, among alllllll of the other big adjustments I will have to make! Having just arrived in Athens officially at 5:45 pm our time, it has already become extremely clear that there are MANY new things I will be learning and getting used to. Examples: time difference, military time, Celsius, and not knowing what anything is in a super market... then not knowing how to make it! Then of course, related to this, there is not being able to read any of the street signs.

These are all things my tired brain has picked up on this evening after our long night/day of traveling... including almost missing our connection in Paris because of our delayed flight out of Boston!

But Athens is absolutely beautiful, even only from what little bit I have been able to take in so far. Our apartment is so great, and the views are INCREDIBLE. There will be many pictures to come now that we are getting settled in.

For now, though, it's off to bed to me to try and get on this Athens time-zone! Haha.


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