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Monday, July 6, 2015

Here Goes...

So as expected, the rest of my time in Greece flew by. I have now been back in the States for over a week now. It has been both strange and wonderful.

My last night in my Athens' apartment consisted of Emily and I staying up as late as we could, bringing out trash, recycling, and clothing/item donations to the neighborhood. It came full circle when I walked up and down our street, stopping to pour piles of dry cat food for the neighborhood kitties. The following morning, we had a quick flight from Athens to Istanbul. I was SURE that I was going to cry at the Athens airport or on the plane leaving. I had been in such strong denial about leaving for so long, I figured it was going to catch up to me there. But for some reason, I still don't think it set in. It felt to me like I was just going on another plane to another new place to explore and see. We then had a 10 hour flight from Istanbul to Boston, which was the longest flight I've taken thus far. It topped previous flights between Boston and Paris. Emily and I lucked out by picking aisle seats in the middle section, and having no one choose to sit between us so we were able to take turns laying down and stretching out the best we could on that long flight!

Now I'm back and already throwing myself into a work routine for the summer, but I'm feeling homesick for Greece every day. It has been really strange, as I expected, adjusting back to numerous daily aspects of life back in the States. Driving my car for the first time again (loving it again already though!), using USD for transactions again, and mainly, the pros and cons of small town living.

Overall, things have been good while I'm getting situated back here. I picked up some work dog sitting right away, and I'm working nights at a restaurant. I figured I should get myself into some kind of routine to help pass the time/adjust. It's just equally great and odd being back in my childhood home again. I'm so happy to be with my family again, but with any family, there are times when you just need some space, too. I am loving the beach, but not all the tourists... and in all honesty, the beaches now pale in comparison to the ones I saw abroad. Haha. The humidity is also killing me. I forgot how, even though it got really hot in Athens, the humidity was practically non-existent. So I'm kind of dying back here on Cape, even though it's only in the 70s!

My main problem I am dealing with right now, though, is everyone's opinions about Greece. Everyone who sees me who knows I was there only asks about the economic crisis. Those who don't know me/know I was there react the same exact way once I answer their questions that lead to explaining where I was this past year and why. 

"Oh wow... can't believe what's going on there right now."

"Man, you got out of there just in time."
"So glad you're not there now!"

Those are NOT the statements I want to be hearing right now. You have no idea how much I have to grit my teeth and bite my tongue when people say these things to me.

I've only been home for 10 days now, and I am missing Greece (my second home!) like crazy. I keep looking at all my pictures and thinking about the amazing trips and experiences I had. I miss my apartment, I miss all the stray kitties (especially Fat Midnight), I miss the food (and the open markets), and I miss the people/my friends.

So I am more than happy to tell you all about my experiences and daily life if you'd like to hear about them, but I really don't have much to say about their financial difficulties because I am not in their shoes and truly cannot understand what they are going through. I am thousands of miles away and 7 hours behind, just sending all of my love, hope, and positive thoughts that Greece will find a solution that is best for it's hardworking, wonderful people.


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