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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Updating because it's been a while!

Hi everyone! Long time, no... update!

Sorry about that. Things have gotten very busy between working at ACS and completing work for my Masters program. I am currently taking a break from finishing up my research paper on school violence. By the time I'm done, it's looking like it's going to be close to 20 pages! Didn't even know I could write that much so easily!

As for what else has been going on, I've been learning the ropes of being an elementary school counselor in an international setting. It is VERY challenging! But I am really enjoying all of the experiences I am having and learning from.

Other than that, I have been checking out the Halandri Square shopping area within walking distance to acquire some warmer clothes and shoes for when the chilly days really start to set in. (It was gorgeous and warm today so that was nice!) And I've been going to the shelter more. Oh, and I had a funny/weird experience with getting medical exams done at the public hospital for my working permit. They did not understand my name whatsoever, and even got so confused that they put my middle name as my dad's first name... and it's Elisabeth. But it was interesting to see how things work there, and I got to keep my chest x-ray because they don't need it after, so I got a souvenir! Haha.

I also made plans and booked my tickets to go to London for Thanksgiving, so I am very excited about that! :)

But looking back on my pictures since my last post, I've mainly just got more pictures of cats (shocking, I know) and a pretty sunrise! So here are some of those: 

This little guy has become the elementary school mascot. He is so adorable.

                 See?? He wanted to cuddle with me!

Halloween at ACS! (I got a lot of weird looks walking to school like this. Haha)

This is Captain Chip! He is part of the school's Paws in Action program, and Ms. Birbil's pet.

           Fay (Ms. Safaris) and I while waiting for the parade to start!

This friendly guy at the shelter reminded me of my childhood cat, Little Gato. :)

               Then there was this basket of adorable puppies!

              And here is the gorgeous sunrise I spoke of! 

Well I suppose that's all for now! Again, sorry for the lack of updates but because school/work has kicked into high gear, there hasn't been too many exciting things to blog about! Just life continuing on in Greece! :)

I hope you all have a great long weekend! I am really jealous because we don't have Monday off here. :(


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